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Li-FT® Saline Lightening Course by Teryn Darling

$447 - 12 Month Access

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The Li-FT® Saline Removal Class is the number one ranked and most referred saline removal course in the industry. It is in-depth, detailed, easy to understand, and allows techs to put this knowledge and training straight to work.

This course will teach you how to safely and effectively lighten and remove unwanted pigment/ink for both permanent makeup, microblading, SMP and body tattoos using a safe and effective hypertonic saline lightening solution.

Li-FT is safe for all areas including Eyeliners. The ability to perform saline lightening and removal procedures has become a necessary tool and skill for the PMU artist to posses. Providing this service to your community is both needed and rewarding.

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Student Testimonials

Nicole Blankenship

"Teryn was born to train, to lead, to guide. Her passion, and love for her art, craft and students shine through everything she does. Between her Color Theory webinar and Li-FT Course, she has supplied me with a wealth of knowledge in my 4 years of doing permanent makeup. Teryn, I'm grateful to know you, to call you a friend, and I know I can speak for everyone in this industry, we're lucky to have you. Thank you for being YOU"

Alan Tait

"I'm just half way through your Li-FT Course, in preparation for my training with Barbara in a couple weeks and just wanted to message and say how great it is! Wonderful and so full of wisdom and knowledge and really I've learned more in these past 2 hours than I ever imagined when I signed up for the course... Your passion shines through in your voice!"

Aliesha Martinez

I just did the Li-FT Online Class and highly recommend it! It was very informative and probably the best online course that I've taken just because Teryn goes into SO much detail and makes sure you really understand the science and importance of things."

Course Trainer

Teryn Darling

Teryn Darling has been a cosmetic tattoo artist for over 21 years. Her background and experience in body tattooing elevated her to be one of the most skilled, versatile and standout PMU artists in the industry.

Accompanying her reputation as being an amazing artist, Teryn is known all over the world as one of the top educators and speakers on several industry topics such as Needles, Color Theory, Skin Undertones and Pigment Removal. She spent years making her own tattoo needles, a long-time student of color theory and one of the innovators of pigment removal. Teryn is responsible for developing safe and effective techniques to remove migrated eyeliners and freshly done procedures… both in which she was told can not be done. Well… she did it and is now teaching these new techniques to other artists.

She owns the Girlz Ink Studio® along with her partner Kat in Las Vegas where she proudly trained and now houses several top artists. She became the master distributor for Li Pigments® in 2011 and with that she started and cultivated the Girlz Ink® Supply Store. She is a founding partner in Shades and Strokes®… the first and longest running brow class to incorporate all techniques into one class… powder brow, machine hairstroke and microblading. She is a founding partner in Skinful Beauty® which is producing some of the best and most innovative pmu products in the industry today. She is a founding partner of America The Beautiful PMU Conference® and now the Girlz Ink On-line Academy®. All this while still staying at the top of her game with her procedure skills, remaining a badass trainer, humble and down to earth. She is one of the hardest working people in our industry, she is beloved and a mentor to many.

Although Teryn is an innovator, formulator, distributor, entrepreneur and so much more… she considers herself an artist and educator/trainer above all. She has taken all of her knowledge, all that she has experienced and all that she has to give to other artists and put it all together right here on the Girlz Ink Academy. She has brought her high standards of education, training and mentorship to this academy and is confident it will help and nurture artists of all types to reach new levels in their own work.