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Single Needle Shaded Brow Course by Na Seng

$479 - 12 Month Access

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What will you learn in this course? 

Na Seng will guide you through her Single Needle Shaded Powder Brow Course where she shows you step by step how she creates those dreamy powdery brows all her clients love! 

Over the years, Na has crafted beautiful brow shapes, fluffy and soft, all accomplished by her signature tattoo layering technique which she will be showcasing to you in this PMU course. You will watch how she masterfully blends different tattoo techniques like whip shading, pendulum, and pointillism hand movements. You will learn how to control your hand speed, pressure and more.

She will show you how to create a brow unique to your client, enhancing their natural beauty, not detracting from it. You are not only training your artistic hand, but also your artistic eye. Remember… One Brow does not fit ALL!  When you leave this course, Na’s goal is for you to go on to develop a beautiful shaded brow style unique to you

Course Outline

Student Testimonials

 "Just wanted to let you know I finally took Na's online single needle powder brow course, and although I knew a lot of the theory I am learning so much! Na's tips/tricks and overall ease and communication is on point. I've been using the Monica Ivani line since doing nano strokes with machine and loving them! Gonna order Jenn's line now, thanks for the discount code in the class!"

Course Trainer

Na Sengphachanh

Na Seng has been in the beauty industry for over 16 years. Her skills include permanent makeup, lash and nail enhancements. Na has been doing permanent makeup for 8 years. She has been able to utilize her artistic skills and abilities to create some of the softest powder brows in the industry.

Na is native to Laos, raised in New England and currently resides in sunny Sarasota, Florida. She is also a wife, mother, and owner of both a busy nail salon and permanent makeup training studio. Over the years, working with nail machines and becoming familiarized with various machine vibrations has led her to be the PMU machine artist that she is today. Na is also a licensed Esthetician, a Certified Surgical Technologist, and a well-respected Permanent Makeup trainer among her colleagues in the PMU industry. As the owner of Na Seng Permanent Makeup Design, Na often trains artists from all over country. She is versatile in the PMU industry with eyebrows, lip blushing and eyelash enhancement tattoos. Her ability to perform tedious work with steady hands, as well as her eye for art and creativeness have been some of the attributions to her career.

Na has a great passion for soft powder brows and has since been able to train and mentor other artist in the industry to create the same desired looks. Her dedication to help others along their PMU journey has been one of the main key factors which has drawn other artists to train with her. With beginner & advanced trainings currently being offered in her training facility, she has traveled to teach her techniques across the country and has mentored many around the world.

For someone who comes from humble and small beginnings, she has big dreams. Her family is her motivation and the drive to push for success. Na’s journey has been amazing and unique, but her own. She believes that any person with the ambition, proper guidance and support can achieve greatness in the permanent makeup industry.